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All-in-one work management tool
for M365 and Microsoft Teams

All-in-one work management tool
for M365 and Microsoft Teams

Organize your projects, team collaboration, and progress tracking all in one place.

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Watch a quick overview to see how it works

Watch a quick overview to see how it works

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Stop juggling, start managing

Regain control of your day

Juggling multiple tasks and keeping track of your team’s progress can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed a platform that centralizes everything you need to keep your projects and team running smoothly. With built-in tools that enhance productivity and team efficiency. Staying on top of what’s going on with your team is easy without losing sight of what’s important — getting things done.

Using data from your Microsoft 365 account and daily activities, Vineforce helps you plan your day more effectively.  

It suggests:  

    • What relevant tasks and documents to add to your day
    • When to block out your calendar for breaks or learn new skills
    • The optimal number of tasks to work on daily so don’t get overwhelmed. 

As you use Vineforce, it will get to know you better, making its suggestions even more personalized and effective.

View all your tasks, breaks, and meetings for the day in one adjustable view. Quickly join or reschedule meetings or adjust tasks as priorities change.

Any task you didn’t get to today automatically rolls over to the next day.

Easily keep track of your team’s progress with automatic updates as tasks are completed.

Organize large projects into manageable sections for better visibility. Attach and share files from OneDrive or SharePoint to any task or project with just one click, making collaboration with your colleagues seamless.

With Vineforce, you have complete control over your remote team, no matter where they are located.

Stay informed with real-time visibility on who is available and when team members plan to take time off. Easily create work schedules and monitor daily tasks and progress.

Vineforce makes managing files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint effortless.

With just a few clicks, you can easily create, access, and collaborate on files, create shortcuts to frequently used ones, share them with your team, and even convert documents to tasks.

Let your team and external contacts know when you’ll be away on vacation or taking a few days off. Meeting requests will automatically be declined, and you can set your out-of-office messages, ensuring that those who send you messages via email or Teams are aware of your availability.

Our Power Automate connector ensures seamless integration with your current leave management system, and our companion tool, Leaveforce, offers comprehensive leave tracking when used in conjunction with Vineforce.

The “Check-out” routine is a daily practice that allows team members to share their accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the next day without scheduling a meeting. This information, along with attendance and task progress, is then compiled into a concise and actionable work summary.

Stay on top of important activities with Vinny, the Vineforce bot for Microsoft Teams. Vinny creates reminders for upcoming meetings, breaks, tasks assigned by teammates, and when it’s time to sign out for the day. With automatic notifications, Vinny ensures you never miss an important event or task.

Receive notifications on any device where you have Microsoft teams installed.

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Why Vineforce?

Why Vineforce?

round-img-jasonHey - I’m Jason, founder of Vineforce. I understand how difficult it can be to juggle all the moving parts of your business. That’s why I founded Vineforce, to help individuals and teams find success through effective planning and organization. My colleagues and I have been working alongside people like you for years, helping them increase their productivity with Microsoft 365. We know firsthand the challenges of keeping track of everything when your tasks, projects, meetings, and team collaboration tools are scattered across multiple apps.


That’s why we created Vineforce—to make your life easier with a centralized place for managing your team and your work.

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Try Vineforce for free
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Use Microsoft 365?

Get more from your subscription

Get more from
your subscription

Work smarter, better, and faster with Vineforce. Whether you’re looking for an easier way to work with documents stored in SharePoint/OneDrive, want a unified view of your tasks and meetings, or automate entire processes. Vineforce is the only tool designed to work with Microsoft 365 to help you simplify your work and make it more manageable.

What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

"Integrated well with Microsoft 365 and Teams"
"Highly organized and efficient"
"Simplifies collaboration"
"Suitable for teams of any size"
"Straightforward and intuitive"
"Valuable for distributed teams and remote workers"
"Unified interface"
"Versatile for businesses and freelancers"
"Innovative solution for dily work management"


What's included? Absolutely everything.

What's included? Absolutely everything.

All for only $14/month/user. Plus, you’ll receive unlimited support for Vineforce and Microsoft 365. A great package for any size business.
Try Vineforce for free
*No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Assists in building the perfect schedule by suggesting items to add to your day based on your profile.

My Day

See today’s activities in one adjustable view. Incomplete tasks automatically roll over to the next day.

Tasks & Projects

Organize projects easily by assigning tasks to your team and attaching files/links to any task or project.

Work Schedules

Create work schedules that allow team members in different countries to collaborate regardless of time zones.


Create, view, and join your meetings with ease without going to Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

Files & Links

Easily find and access all your files and links from OneDrive/SharePoint and email attachments in one location.


Daily check-outs allow teams to share their accomplishments, challenges, and plans for tomorrow.


Vinny, our Microsoft Teams bot, is a centralized hub for all your notifications and reminders.

Work Reports

Get summary reports on everyone’s progress, accomplishments, challenges, and agenda for tomorrow.

Team Directory

Access relevant information about your team, including their availability, and what they plan to tackle each day.


Connect all your tools and automate processes with the Vineforce Power Automate connector.

Coming Soon
Leave Tracking

Create and manage policies that assist in organizing yearly holidays and scheduling/approving employee leaves.


Questions we think you may have

Questions we think you may have

Yes. Get 20% off from when you subscribe annually!

Nope! You won’t need to pay until you’re ready to start subscribing because we don’t ask for your payment info until then.

Yes. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Yes. We work with all Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 

Yes. we can migrate you from Microsoft 365 and bundle the cost with your Vineforce subscription. Schedule a quick call with us.