The Comprehensive Toolkit for
High-Performing Remote Teams

Because of COVID-19, your company is probably scrambling to figure out how to transition to remote work. When teams are not together, it can feel overwhelming to keep everyone on the same page, navigating work schedules and time zones, and monitoring everyone's work. That's why we built Vineforce to help leaders build teams that can work from anywhere while maintaining trust, cohesion, and morale as if they were in the same physical space.

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If you're adopting a work-from-anywhere culture,
you're likely facing these challenges:

#1 Setting Goals

Teams with well-defined objectives achieve audacious goals because they are more focused, transparent, and aligned. Setting clear and measurable company, team, and individual goals requires a simple goal-setting solution that gives teams a definitive success measure.

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Setting Goals
Establishing Trust

#2 Establishing Trust

To reach peak performance, teammates must trust each other. In a trust culture, team members must understand how their work contributes to the company's overall success. Managers and leaders must have visibility into their teams' work, general mood, work schedule, availability, work location, and more.

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#3 Prioritizing Work

Teams must consistently prioritize work or tasks that contribute to goal achievement. High-performing teams have a disciplined approach to planning their day that starts with a goal-focused agenda of work items and ends with confirming what was accomplished that day and looking ahead to the next day's work.

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Prioritizing Work
Harmonizing Work Tools

#4 Harmonizing Work Tools

Teams are spending more time finding work than doing it. A RingCentral study revealed that workers switch between work apps ten times an hour, reducing annual productivity by 32 days. Teams achieve more when they have centralized access to all their work, no matter how many or which tools they use.

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#5 Tracking Progress

Teams hate status reports, but team leads love them. Automatic status reports generated from routine activities, such as building a daily agenda or completing a task, help leaders know what's off-track, eliminating status meetings and giving them more time to focus on the things that matter.

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Tracking Progress
Paying International Workers

#6 Paying International Workers

Accurately processing and managing payroll for workers living abroad can be daunting. Navigating issues such as currency exchange rates, batch international payments, paying on time, and multi-currency payouts can lead to reduced trust and higher turnover if not appropriately handled. Teams that can streamline their onboarding process and simplify cross-border payroll management have more time to devote to getting things done, with increased trust between leaders and workers.

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If these ring a bell, you're in the right place.
We've spent the last 7 years solving these challenges.


Don't just take our word for it!


Vineforce gives more transparency in how teams work alongside a common OKR goal, and allow better understanding on where we are in product releases and marketing pushes.

Cody Caroll,
Customer Success Manager


With remote work being so prevalent it is necessary for organization to reevaluate their current goals and objectives. Vineforce is a great tool to assist companies in coordinating objectives by providing a centralized way of measuring and viewing the outcome of their goals.

Dane Henry,
Senior Developer
Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court


The consistency of information Vineforce provides about the team progress, objectives and roles across the team and organization is a great advantage.

Mayur Chaudharry,
UX Design Director
NCR Corp