About Vineforce

What started as a necessity in response to COVID-19 has radically changed how we work. "Work anywhere" is the new normal, fundamentally changing how we recruit, retain, and lead our workforce. As a result, teams and individuals are adopting tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, to help stay productive regardless of where they work.

As subscribers to Microsoft 365 for almost 7 years, we found that it had everything needed for remote work except built-in personal and team productivity-enhancing routines. Our own frustrations with the platform's shortcomings led us to create a project to optimize our day and get the most out of Microsoft 365. We call it Vineforce.


Our Why

Microsoft 365 is an excellent tool for collaborating, managing documents, tasks, meetings, and much more. However, productive remote work requires stitching these elements into daily routines to reduce time spent in meetings and working on status reports, all while somehow improving visibility into your team's culture and work.
Vineforce solves this by enabling Microsoft 365 subscribers to feel and work their best by getting the most out of their subscription and tailoring it to them, no matter where they are or what they're working on.

Our Focus

Becoming the # 1 provider of tools, services, and insights that empower Microsoft 365 subscribers to feel and be more productive no matter where they are. Before focusing on products or customers, we strive to build a culture that empowers people to become the best version of themselves through lifelong learning, teamwork, and mastery of their craft.

Our Values

  1. Striving to put the team before yourself (Ask yourself, "Will it benefit my team?")
  2. Willingness to do the right thing even when it costs you personally
  3. Maintaining a can-do attitude when things get difficult; never giving up
  4. Continuously embracing learning and pursuing a healthy lifestyle
  5. Producing the absolute best work you can each and every day.

Our Philosophy


Software should be easy to use.


Software creators should also be users.


Software should be purpose-built.


Software should play well with your other tools.

Our Story

It all began at a Florida cleaning company back in 2006.

That year, our CEO Jason Murray took over a small cleaning company in dire need of a reliable quoting system for the sales team. He turned to Elance, the premier freelancing platform now called Upwork, to find developers to build the system. Finding the developers was easy; however, managing them was an entirely different matter.

By 2012, Jason was remotely working as a Microsoft SharePoint consultant, but he was still struggling to stay connected and aligned with his team. As a manager, it was a challenge. But as an entrepreneur, it was a business opportunity.

He pulled together a team from all over the world to get access to the best talent, and our global remote team stretching from Miami to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines was born. We grew. But so did our challenges:

  • Setting clear and measurable company, team, and individual goals
  • Allowing team members to see what their coworkers were working on
  • Enforcing the discipline of daily planning and aligning work to goals
  • Centralizing access to all their work, no matter which tools they used
  • Tracking progress without the need for meetings or status reports

We built Vineforce to solve these challenges and help our team become more productive while giving us the ability to work and recruit team members from anywhere.