Connect With Your Team And Their Work

Worker Availability

Know who's available for work no matter where they are

Enable spontaneous or planned collaboration with remote workers across one or more time zones by making their status transparent to all team members, including time checked-in, expected check-out time, and scheduled break times. Quickly filter by availability or team to identify the best times for 1-on-1 or group meetings without interfering with the flow of your co-workers' day.

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Planned Work

See what your team plans to work on today

Easily monitor the work your team plans to do each day with a real-time activity feed that shows everyone's daily agenda. As soon as tasks are marked "completed," they are automatically updated in the feed, so everyone knows what has been accomplished. Keep work moving by supporting co-workers that have indicated they are blocked or need help, with filters that allow you to quickly find them and the tasks they need help with.

Accomplishment History

Keep abreast of what was done yesterday

Understand what was accomplished by each team member the previous day in a succinct summary with key productivity insights, such as hours worked, hours spent in meetings, and tasks completed or in progress. Use data to measure or boost productivity and identify elements affecting overall team progress.

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Hear What Others Have To Say


Vineforce gives more transparency in how teams work alongside a common goal, and allow better understanding on where we are in product releases and marketing pushes.

Cody Caroll, Customer Success Manager,

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Monitor Morale

Gain insights on your team's wellbeing

Keep a close eye on your team's wellbeing with mood tracking that helps you understand how the people you work with are feeling. Gain greater insights by digging deeper into check-in comments and analyzing them against other factors to identify teammates who may need help or overall team sapping morale drivers.

Team Directory

Get to know your teammates better

Foster greater cohesion among co-workers who may be working apart from each other using searchable profiles that combine O365 data with different personal demographics, such as location, time zone, work schedule, current local time, and more.

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