A Road Map For Your Day

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Daily Plan

Visualize your day at a glance

Take control of your day with a streamlined view of activities to be completed to make today successful: personal and work tasks, meetings, lunch breaks, documents, and notes. Quickly drag items around, arranging your agenda to match your unique style or work priorities. Easily delete unwanted tasks, save tasks for later, or drag new items to your agenda from the suggestions panel that automatically pulls tasks from Microsoft To Do, Planner, Outlook, Visual Studio, and more.

Task Management

Track and organize your tasks your way

Vineforce offers maximum flexibility so you can manage your tasks and projects the way that works best for you. List and organize all your tasks right there in Vineforce or use Vineforce to pull tasks into your agenda from all your various apps and tools. Update project and task progress manually or have Vineforce do it automatically, and collaborate with your team on single tasks or entire projects.

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Status Updates

Automatically share your plan with your team

Support a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability by sharing what you plan to accomplish for the day with your team. With Vineforce, your agenda is automatically shared with everyone on your team after you check in, reinforcing a feeling of "we are all in this together."

Vineforce Integrates Seamlessly
With Microsoft 365


Plan Ahead

See what's coming up so you can plan accordingly

See all your upcoming meetings for the week without the need to switch to your calendar. Vineforce allows you to view and filter your upcoming tasks by due date or project. Use Agenda to incorporate tasks into future itineraries and plan your days ahead of time. Save time and be more prepared for meetings by quickly creating tasks and sticky notes without ever leaving Vineforce.

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Achieve a more balanced workday

Vineforce helps remote workers maintain a balanced workday by making breaks mandatory each day. Breaks come with automatic reminders and can be adjusted based on priorities for the day.

Sticky Notes

Integrate note-taking into your daily routine

Have a sudden thought or something you need to jot down? Vineforce works seamlessly with Microsoft Sticky Notes so you can create quick notes or view past notes created on other devices or Microsoft note-taking tools. View and create all of your sticky notes alongside your tasks for the day, or convert sticky notes into tasks and checklists to be completed at a later date.

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