5 Easy-to-use Daily Planners to Consider if You Are Not Tech-savvy

Last updated: November 15, 2022 4 min read

In this modern and digital age, many of us desire ‘ease and hassle-free' in almost any area of life. This is especially true with the current technological gadgets that we use today. Who wants complicated processes with lots of hiccups and techy roadblocks? No one.

With that said, what you use to plan your day should be no different from the ease of use you experience when using your Android or iPhone phones.

With your daily planner, you should experience seamless processes that are easy to initiate. Using a digital planner to plan your day should feel like second nature, especially if you are not proficient in modern technology.

Ease allows you to focus on getting more done and leaves you less frustrated and flustered, not having to deal with the complexities of technical nuisances.

If you are not tech-savvy, here are five easy-to-use planning software/task management tools to contemplate.

1. Vineforce

Vineforce is a work day planner that helps busy professionals and teams get more done without working longer hours.

At Vineforce, we take care of the complex technical backbone of the app so that your experience is easy, seamless, and natural. This smart planner studies your activities and preferences to help make intelligent suggestions for planning your day.

It works with Microsoft 365 to help you build the perfect schedule by analyzing dozens of parameters - Emails, recent documents, task deadlines, meetings, work hours, etc.- and suggests what you should add to your day. So essentially, it helps you to use the Microsoft 365 platform to get more done.

Aside from being a planner, Vineforce streamlines all your workflows and allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team and manage them and their workload, making it a team management tool as well.

Some Key Features

1. Plan your day: Data from your Microsoft 365 account and daily activities are used to help you plan your day more effectively.

2. Grow your connections: Vineforce helps you grow your network by suggesting people you might not have spoken to for a long time based on data from your email history.

3. Stay organized: This app allows you to see all your tasks, breaks, and meetings for the day in one adjustable view. Join/reschedule meetings or postpone tasks as priorities change—export the history of tasks completed for the past day, week, or month.

Any tasks you didn't get to today automatically roll over to the next day.

4. Prepare for what's ahead: You get a complete view of your upcoming tasks and meetings for the week or month in an easy-to-navigate calendar.

You may also set up tasks or meetings ahead of time, and they will automatically appear in your "My Day" view when the day arrives.

5. Manage files and links: You can access all your files stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, and email attachments from a single searchable interface.

Add shortcuts to frequently used files and links, making them easy to find. Share files with anyone without going to SharePoint or OneDrive.

6. Notifications and reminders: Vinny, the Vineforce bot for Microsoft Teams, creates reminders to keep track of important activities.

Vinny will notify you automatically about upcoming meetings, breaks, tasks assigned by teammates, and when it's time to sign out for the day.

In addition, you will receive notifications on any device you have Microsoft teams installed.


Vineforce is a paid-for subscription with a quarterly and yearly plan and a free 15-day trial period. Click here to sign up today.

2. Microsoft To Do

If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber or proficient in Microsoft's productivity apps, then maybe you are familiar with this one. As its name suggests, it is a typical task manager.

As a personal daily planner, Microsoft To-Do allows you to make lists of tasks, due dates, and even reminders to help you stay on track.

For visually inclined people there is a color-code system involved to help organize tasks and bigger tasks can be broken down into smaller ones (subtasks).

From the ‘My Day’ view, you will receive smart and personal suggestions on how to update your daily or weekly to-do list. You may also share your data online with friends, family, and colleagues if you wish.

Microsoft To Do is available for free when you use your personal or Business Microsoft account.

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3. Sunsama

Sunsama prides itself as the ‘daily planner for busy professionals'. It is a calendar that is cloud-based allowing you to plan and organize your workday.

It has the features expected to be seen in a to-do list along with a range of other functions.

One of its key features is time-blocking and time allocation. That way you can block out slots for tasks and meetings ahead of your day.

In meetings it enables you to take notes and collaborate with others, you can sync with other apps such as Asana and Trello and manage tasks in Kanban view.

Sunsama can be purchased at $20 per month which is billed monthly or $16 per month on a yearly basis. It is available on the web, on your desktops, OS, and Android devices.

4. Todoist

Todoist is software that creates tools that help to simplify and organize your day.

With this work planner app, if you have a team, it is the perfect tool for operating big projects for free. Its scheduling and organizational tools are basic, easy to use, and instinctive.

It keeps you organized by allowing you to create lists of tasks, put them in categories based on specific needs, and assign deadlines.

In addition to being easy, its intelligent character highlights which tasks you should hold as a priority, so you focus on the most important thing at hand.

Todoist is free to use but for more complex projects that need additional features you may upgrade to a Pro plan or Business Plan.

5. Google Tasks Manager

Google tasks is a personal-use daily planning app that syncs your Gmail and Google calendar to turn your emails and events into tasks or to-dos.

If you have a Gmail account, then Google Tasks is already in your account. Or you may use it as an add-on from browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. It is also available free in downloadable versions for your desktops and smartphones.

The user-friendly design of Google Tasks features the basic aspects of a to-do list aimed at making your daily life more efficient.

With it, you can add and remove tasks, add emails as tasks, receive notifications about tasks, and mark tasks as complete. In addition, you can add details to tasks, reminders, and deadlines.

It is like a digital version of your pen and paper but synced with an alarm clock and your email, which is practically effortless to use.

Google Tasks won’t break the bank as it is available for free.

Jason’s Insights

Proper planning software can help you make better decisions in your daily life by reducing the number of trivial decisions you make daily.

Why is this important? Your brain has a limited capacity to make well-thought-out decisions. The more decisions you make earlier in the day (e.g., what to eat, what to wear, meetings to attend), the less brainpower you have left over for important tasks later in the day.

Having a smart planner that thinks for you and gives you a routine for planning your day leaves you with more brain power to focus on the rest of your day.