Boosting Real Estate Efficiency with Power Apps and Vineforce: A Transformational Case Study

Last updated: May 17, 2023 3 min read

The Challenge

Our client, a highly respected real estate investment, management, and development firm, faced a daunting task. They struggled with their on-premises SharePoint system, which needed to be simplified and faster to manage documents and workflows for property acquisition and post-acquisition processes. Assigning property managers, asset managers, and property accountants to their specific properties within SharePoint was tedious. Finding and adding documents for properties turned into a maze, navigating multiple SharePoint sites. Further, there needed to be an efficient way to keep track of key contacts within each property and easily message them via email or teams. This resulted in poor intranet adoption and significantly lengthened their acquisition process.

The Solution

To resolve these issues, we constructed a custom Power App solution integrated with our AI-powered work management tool, Vineforce. This innovative approach offered our client an efficient method to manage all their property-specific information, such as building square footage, lender details, and key contacts.


We added one-click messaging via MS Teams/email, simplifying contact with key property members.

With the Vineforce work management tool's deep integration, the acquisition process was streamlined, and user adoption peaked at 93%. Collaboration also saw a substantial boost, with Vineforce keeping everything in one place and deep linking to the custom property management power app.

The Results

The implementation of our solution led to tangible benefits. Most significantly, our client reduced the acquisition process by two days. The adoption of the new system reached a high of 93%, displaying its user-friendly nature and effectiveness. The custom property management Power App and Vineforce work management tool facilitated enhanced collaboration within the organization. Moreover, with the Vineforce bot Vinny for MS Teams, all notifications were channeled to one location, making it more accessible for the team to receive updates on the go.

Technologies Used

  1. Microsoft Power Apps: Used to build a custom property app.
  2. Dataverse: Utilized for storing property data.
  3. Vineforce: A work management tool for tasks, projects, and team management.
  4. MS Teams: Used for notifications via the Vineforce Bot Vinny.


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