Leveraging SharePoint and Microsoft 365 for Intranet Transformation: A Success Story

Last updated: May 25, 2023 3 min read

The Challenge

Our client, an international firm offering comprehensive accounting, tax, and consulting services, grappled with a common but considerable problem: their corporate intranet needed to be more utilized and adequate. With only 5% of their workforce using it, their old system wasn't meeting the company's needs. Information about the company and customer files was scattered across various apps, forcing employees to spend precious time searching multiple platforms. The result? A disjointed communication landscape could have benefitted productivity and employee engagement more. The client yearned for a centralized, company-branded portal where employees could easily access all necessary information. But the solution needed to be intuitive and engaging enough to encourage widespread employee adoption.

The Solution

To resolve our client's challenge, we rolled up our sleeves and dove headfirst into their processes. We tailored a comprehensive, feature-rich SharePoint intranet solution incorporating various valuable modules, including a Navigation Bar, Search Functionality, Weather Widget, Integrated Apps, and more. All the features were designed to cater to the needs of employees and improve their day-to-day work experience.

These features ranged from practical ones, such as an advanced search function and an integrated app suite, to more engaging ones, like a Company Goals Progress Bar and a CEO Corner for direct communication from top management. We even provided a Newbie Zone to facilitate the onboarding of new employees and a Tech Assist feature for immediate IT support.

One of the main focuses was creating a Customer Files section, which centralized all client-related documents, enhancing the service quality and fostering stronger client-business relationships.

The Results

The revamped intranet dramatically improved the efficiency of our client's internal communications. Employees found it easier to navigate company information, stay updated with company goals, and engage in social interactions. Key features like the Search Functionality and Integrated Apps saved employees significant amounts of time each day, freeing them to focus on what truly matters – their work.

The Customer Files feature provided employees easy access to all client-related documents, leading to more streamlined service delivery and stronger client-business relationships. Furthermore, features like the CEO Corner and Employee Spotlight fostered a greater sense of community, encouraging more widespread intranet adoption than ever before.

Technologies Used

  1. SharePoint: A web-based collaborative platform integrated with Microsoft Office.
  2. Power Apps: A suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platforms to build custom business applications.
  3. Power Automate: A service for automating workflow across various apps and services.
  4. Custom APIs: Custom-built interfaces used to interact with a software application.


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