Microsoft 365: A Starter Guide

Last updated: August 30, 2022 2 min read

Microsoft 365 is that productivity tool we all know and most likely have used before, if not an entire plan, then a few apps from the suite. Our app Vineforce is seated on and built around the Microsoft 365 suite, making it the hub of all productivity tools used to run the app in addition to outside integrations.

Because of this merger, we customized our app for Microsoft users like you. For that reason, this quick introductory guide was composed to help you get started on some of the basics, tips, and hacks of Microsoft 365, so you can use that knowledge to help navigate the Vineforce app.

Microsoft 365 Topics

Below are the 4 main topic structures for this introduction with a few sub-categories for Microsoft’s productivity tools. They include the basics you need to navigate your way through Microsoft 365 and Vineforce.

You may use the table of contents to the left to navigate your way through the topics you need help with or scroll down for a list of our articles.

1. What is Microsoft 365?

2. Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

3. Microsoft 365 productivity tips

4. Microsoft 365 productivity tools

  • How to Set Up Microsoft Bookings
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Best Outlook Add-ins
  • Managing projects and tasks using Microsoft 365 apps
  • Microsoft Teams app
  • OneDrive and SharePoint

What is Microsoft 365?

Get a better understanding of what Microsoft 365 is, the apps involved, and their functions together as a productivity toolkit.

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

If you struggle to decide which workspace is best for your team/staff, the article below will help you decide between the two leading productivity cloud computing software.

Microsoft 365 productivity tips

There are numerous tips and hacks to help you maximize the value you get from using Microsoft 365. If you are looking for ways to boost your use of this application, here are a few tips below:

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Microsoft 365 productivity tools

All the apps that encompass the Microsoft 365 suite are considered productivity tools. Productivity tools allow you to create, view, and modify your work, making work more efficient, more manageable, and saving time.

How to Set Up Microsoft Booking

Whether you offer a product or a service, you may need to set up a system for clients to book consultations, appointments, or meetings to secure their spot for your products and services. Here you will learn more about Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft Lists

If you are seeking to know what Microsoft List is and does, read this article for a deeper understanding.

Best Outlook Add-ins

Get insights into some of the best add-ins/integration for Microsoft Outlook to maximize its value.

Managing projects and tasks using Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft 365 has several productivity apps you can use to manage your projects and tasks easily and efficiently. Check out the article below for more details.

Microsoft Teams app

Become acquainted with all you need to know about using Microsoft Teams to manage your tasks.

OneDrive and SharePoint

Get to know the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint and when to use them.

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