Permission Management Reimagined: How Power Apps and Azure AD Streamlined App Management

Last updated: June 02, 2023 3 min read

The Challenge

In a high-stakes industry like financial services, managing permissions across many applications is critical. A prominent global financial services firm grappled with the complexities of managing permissions for numerous customer data management, transaction processing, and financial analysis applications.

With thousands of employees and a wide range of services, the firm required a robust, flexible solution for permissions management that maintained stringent security protocols while facilitating seamless workflows. Independent control of multiple applications led to a convoluted permissions configuration process, susceptible to errors, which significantly impacted the firm's operational efficiency.

The Solution

Enter the Power Apps-based solution - a specially customized permissions management system developed by our expert Microsoft 365 engineers. This centralized interface, designed to bring all app permissions under one roof, offered the firm the needed control and simplicity.

Through the Power Apps solution, the firm could define unique permission levels for each app, set group permissions, assign app owners, and monitor access for any user to a specific app. Furthermore, the Power Apps solution offered the ability to generate an API key for integrating other apps, enabling secure, programmatic access to app permissions and user information.

The Results

The Power Apps-based solution brought about a significant transformation in the firm's permission management processes. The efficiency with which app permissions were now managed resulted in a staggering reduction of approximately 40% in time spent on these tasks.

Not only did the solution bolster operational efficiency, but it also amplified data security by enabling swift identification and rectification of any permissions misconfigurations. The deployment of the Power Apps solution has led to robust, secure, and streamlined management of app permissions, resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

Technologies Used

  1. Power Apps: A platform provided by Microsoft that allows developers to create custom applications.
  2. Power Automate: A service from Microsoft that helps businesses automate repetitive tasks.
  3. Azure AD: Microsoft's identity and access management service for verifying identities and enforcing access policies.
  4. Microsoft APIs: APIs provided by Microsoft allow secure programmatic interactions with Microsoft services.


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