Revolutionizing RFP and Contract Processes with Custom Microsoft Power Apps Solution

Last updated: May 17, 2023 3 min read

The Challenge

Imagine you're part of an association that champions equitable, high-quality care for all, like our client, a leading healthcare organization. You are coordinating over 300 member entities, advocating for policies, and promoting health and equity. Your work involves generating numerous Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and contracts that require multi-level approvals based on service types and dollar amounts. Now, imagine these processes are manually handled, causing a bottleneck in the workflow, and slowing down progress. It is more than the slow pace that is an issue; you are struggling to track RFP statuses, manage vendor diversity information, and handle constant back-and-forth communication. You are also dealing with MS Teams alerts for impending contract expirations. The entire process is a maze, taking weeks to complete -it sounds exhausting.

The Solution

When we stepped in, we knew immediately that our goal was to create an efficient and user-friendly solution. We designed a custom Microsoft Power App style to match the client's branding. This app allowed project owners to create new RFPs, which would then be automatically directed to the appropriate approvers based on internal rules. This alone significantly sped up the initial approval process.

The app also kept all stakeholders in the loop with timely MS Teams alerts, which included deep links to open the RFP directly for quick review and approval. Once an RFP was given the green light, the project owner could enter vendor bids, record vital diversity information, and recommend a vendor for selection. The approval of the vendor triggered a contract creation process that was routed to legal and then to the vendor for approval.

The entire process, from RFP creation to contract to sign, was now handled within the Power App, further streamlined by email alerts and MS Teams notifications.

The Results

Our client's experience transformed dramatically. The time from RFP to contract was halved, saving over 30 hours per RFP. This bold, tangible benefit drastically reduced their administrative burden and freed up resources for other crucial tasks. They no longer had to navigate a labyrinth of manual processes. They could now focus on their core mission - advancing policies and programs promoting health, health care access, and equity.


  1. Microsoft Power Apps: A low-code platform that allows us to create custom applications swiftly and efficiently.
  2. SharePoint Lists: Used for storing important data securely and conveniently.
  3. Microsoft Power Automate: We utilized an automation tool for creating the alert system.
  4. Microsoft Teams: A collaboration platform that we use for real-time alert notifications.


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