Streamlining Project Management with Vineforce and Microsoft 365: A Case Study of a Construction Company

Last updated: July 18, 2023 4 min read

About the Customer

NMB Custom Homes take pride in providing bespoke solutions for their clients, whether they are building a custom new home, remodeling their current house, or buying an older property to customize. They prioritize communication and client involvement throughout the process, ensuring a personalized approach to each project. However, managing various project components and maintaining seamless communication across their teams was a growing challenge.

The Challenge

NMB's main goal was to streamline their project management from start to finish. They sought to improve office, field personnel communication, and organize their project files, schedules, and contacts. They also aimed to have multiple users view and edit files simultaneously, including MS Excel and Word documents.

Several specific areas needed improvements. For instance, they wanted a shared contact list for all company users, a depository for old/archived emails, group calendars, and efficient use of "channels" in Microsoft Teams. Additionally, they wanted a straightforward way to convert emails into tasks and sort files alphabetically. NMB sought a solution to make their process more organized, efficient, and collaborative.

The Solution

Vineforce came forward as the optimal solution for NMB. Its seamless integration with Microsoft 365 ensured the desired functionality and collaboration among team members.

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We helped set up their Microsoft 365 securely, ensuring the establishment of a team in MS Teams with a corresponding SharePoint site. We customized their file folders for privacy and created a document library for storing all their projects. We installed a PDF plugin in SharePoint to aid their PDF marking-up process.

Vineforce's unique features made the work process even smoother. The import feature allowed the NMB team to import all their contacts from Outlook in a few clicks while our AI service cleaned up their contacts list by identifying duplicates and other issues. Our project feature built a workflow that would automatically generate a project folder with necessary subfolders upon creating a new project.

Vineforce's daily planning feature increased productivity across both office and field teams. They could plan their day with AI-driven suggestions based on task priority and project deadlines. Field workers could check out daily and submit field reports and any obstacles they faced.

We also used Power Automate and Vineforce to create automation that converted emails into tasks, helping streamline workflows. Finally, the NMB team adopted the Vineforce Teams bot to streamline task and company-wide notifications.

The Results

The introduction of Vineforce in conjunction with M365 significantly transformed NMB Custom Homes' project management process. This integration led to remarkable enhancements in efficiency, team collaboration, and operational transparency, proving beneficial across the board.

1. Enhanced Efficiency: Vineforce's project feature allowed for the automated creation of project folders and subfolders, eliminating the need for manual setup for each new project. This automation reduced time and effort and minimized human errors, resulting in a more efficient project initiation process.

2. Seamless Collaboration: The ability to simultaneously view and edit files via the shared document library promoted communication and collaboration between office and field personnel. With real-time updates, team members always had access to the most current project data, fostering a seamless flow of information.

3. Improved Task Management: The automatic conversion of emails into tasks optimized the team's workflow, ensuring no important email task was overlooked. The handling of tasks became more organized, leading to more effective project timelines and efficient progress tracking.

4. Intelligent Contact Management: Vineforce's AI service drastically improved the organization of their contact database by identifying and removing duplicate data from the contact list. This feature saved the team countless hours that would have otherwise been spent manually sorting through and correcting the contact list.

5. Enhanced Security: Customizing file folder access provided the necessary security for sensitive information, such as HR files. This feature balanced collaboration and security, ensuring only the appropriate team members had access to specific files.

6. Informed Decision-Making: Vineforce's daily planning feature and AI-driven suggestions assisted office and field teams in effectively planning their day. An added benefit was the end-of-day reporting feature for field workers. These reports included the day's accomplishments and any obstacles encountered. This feature increased the transparency of field operations and facilitated the prompt resolution of issues.

7. Greater Operational Transparency: Vineforce's end-of-day reporting feature for field workers allowed for increased visibility into daily operations. Field workers could submit a detailed report of the day's work, including accomplishments and challenges. This ensured that every team member was updated on the progress of projects and any potential roadblocks.

By significantly saving time and resources, improving workflow, and promoting operational transparency, Vineforce has enabled NMB Custom Homes to focus more effectively on their core mission: crafting beautiful, personalized homes that align perfectly with their customers' lifestyles and financial needs.

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