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Unleash the Power of Microsoft 365 and AI with Vineforce’s Business Solutions

Unleash the Power of Microsoft 365 and AI with Vineforce’s Business Solutions

Say goodbye to manual data extraction, disorganized intranets, and Microsoft 365 confusion. We blend AI and Microsoft 365 to streamline your business processes and drive growth.

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Master your Digital Workspace

Navigate Microsoft 365 with Confidence and Efficiency

Navigate Microsoft 365 with Confidence and Efficiency

AI-Powered Email and Document Analysis

Are you looking for a way to have AI analyze your email attachments, PDF invoices, or fax orders for specific information and then push it to Excel, SharePoint, or another system? We designed our email and document services powered by AI specifically for you.

Using GPT 3.5/4, Microsoft AI from Recognizer, and Power Automate, we can create a solution to extract information from PDF invoices and incoming faxes or categorize your email. Then store the data in any data store you choose.

Power Apps and Power Automate Consulting and Development

Need help leveraging Power Apps and Power Automate to improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations?

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365 or have been using it for some time, we can assist you in boosting productivity and efficiency with customized Power Apps/Power Automate solutions designed specifically for your business. These solutions offer immediate ROI.

SharePoint Site Development and Revamping

Dissatisfied with your current Intranet Performance?
At Vineforce, we build High-performing company-wide intranets with features such as announcements, resource links, document access, form submissions, and much more.


New to Microsoft 365 and Teams? Our comprehensive training services for Microsoft 365 and Teams will equip your staff with the skills to seamlessly share documents, communicate effectively through Teams, and efficiently set up Microsoft 365 apps.

We take a personalized and hands-on approach to training tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join the roster of forward-thinking businesses leveraging our Microsoft 365 solutions.


Why Vineforce?

Expertise, Innovation, and Partnership for Your Microsoft 365 Needs

At Vineforce, we are more than just a group of Microsoft 365 specialists. We work as your partners in enhancing productivity. Our customized solutions cater to your business requirements, whether creating SharePoint intranets, streamlining workflows with Power Automate, or utilizing AI capabilities. With over a decade of experience and a dedication to excellence, we guide you through the intricate world of Microsoft 365, ensuring that your tools are optimized for smooth communication and workflow. We also provide free post-project assistance, keeping you up-to-date with the latest MS 365 features.