Team management

Routines For Better Teamwork

Flexible Schedules

Build schedules that support remote teamwork

Design separate work schedules for each team or timezone based on demographics, geography, or company policy. Set times in, times out, breaks, and break times and lengths to make sure your teams lead a healthy and balanced work life. Transparency regarding schedules and tasks improves work cohesion and reduces the effort needed to organize critical group activities.

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Day Planner

Reinforce planning as daily routine

Vineforce integrates work planning into your team's daily check-in workflow. Your teams get a simple template for creating a balanced, goal-focused agenda with everything needed for a successful and productive day.

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The consistency of information Vineforce provides about the team progress, objectives and roles across the team and organization is a great advantage.

Mayur Chaudharry, UX Design Director,
NCR Corp

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Tasks & Projects

Streamline project creation and management

Improve team collaboration by centralizing teamwork with Vineforce's task management. Choose from either our built-in task management capabilities, managing tasks from your favorite Microsoft tool (Planner, Azure DevOps) within Vineforce, or a combination. Create new tasks and projects, pull people in, and track progress with ease. With Vineforce, teams get a clear view of what needs to be done without hopping between tools so they can plan a more productive day.

Team Activity

Monitor your teams work, wellbeing and culture

Know every member of your team's agenda and progress, enabling you to schedule meetings and tasks with ease. Track pace of work at a glance and see who needs help or is ready for the next step of a project. Vineforce's progress summaries allow you to celebrate each and every win and keep an eye on team morale, culminating in a system that only supports and uplifts your team, without glossing over issues and roadblocks.

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