Our Culture: Employees First

Becoming the #1 provider of tools, services, and insights that empower Microsoft 365 subscribers requires a team culture supporting and rewarding personal growth. Before focusing on products or customers, we strive to build a culture that empowers people to become the best version of themselves through lifelong learning, teamwork, and mastery of their craft.

Meet the Force


Jason Murray

Chief Executive Officer

Soccer, Table Tennis, Reading & Binge Watching Netflix.

Mask Group 25

Nikunj Varu

Software Engineering Lead

Photography, Playing Snooker & Football


Ava Ranara

Power Platform Developer

Foodie, Online and Mobile Games, Travelling, Baking, Cooking & Sewing

Mask Group 27

Jon Pulgar

Team Manager

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Riding Motorcyles, Travelling & Eating Ramen


Mark Sabaco

DevOps Manager

Chess & Gardening


Jeni Bayona

Creative Manager

BTS, Painting,& Reading


Rakesh Vankar

Full Stack Engineer

Listening to Music, Reading & Driving


Nirav Maisuriya

Full Stack Engineer

Mobile Photography, Playing Mobile Games, Reading & Tech Hobbies


Rajwinder Kaur

Full Stack Engineer

Cycling, Walking, Cooking, Gaming & Home Improvement

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